Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stranger 18 - Charlotte

August 9, 2011
Today was an awesome day to head down to the lake. Not to hot, nor chilly.People were all around, enjoying the scenary, jogging, fishing and just shooting the breeze.

I saw a couple sitting in front of the lake relaxing with their pet dog and enjoy one's company. I waited for the timing to be right until I saw this woman whip out her camera to take a snap shot of her husband.

Everyone, please meet Charlotte!

The initial plan to get her photograph for my project was to ask her if I could take a group shot with Charlotte and her husband. She immediately agreed and things went smoothly on out.

Today was a very special day for Charlotte. Today was her birthday and the couple were getting ready to celebrate their 47th anniversity. They were planning a special trip to a Lake Owasco (I think this is the lake she mentioned) in New York and then meet up with J-E-L-L-O man, Bill Cosby. She explained how her daughter is a designer and photographer and finished a trip which included taking 80,000 photos, so we immediately had some great interests.

Thanks so much Charlotte for your time and a great photograph. Happy Birthday and have a great time with all the celebrations!

This picture is #18 in my project of 100 Strangers.
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Camera: Nikon D90
Shutter: 1/200th sec
Aperture: f/3.2
Focal Length: 105mm
ISO: 200

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