Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stranger 12 - Dennis

May 7th, 2011
Back at the Civil War Encampment, there were many volunteers dressed up in several different characters from the Civil War. I saw this soldier talking to a local photographer, so I couldn't grab his attention at the moment. As I was leaving the event, I got to take his photo and asked if he would join my strangers project.

Everyone, please meet Dennis.

Dennis was dressed up as a Union soldier from the Union Army. I didn't find out too much about Dennis, but he travels around the area teaching locals about America's history.

A Union soldier typically was a farmer in his early 20's who ended up drafted during the war, unless he paid $300.00 and was considered "exempt". Their uniforms were dark navy blue and made out of thick layers of wool. The Union Army not only had better looking uniforms than the south, but their weaponry were far advanced thanks to the British.

Since I took this in the early stages of the project, I wished I had the courage to have a more of a chat with Dennis.  

Thanks Dennis and great uniform! I hope you enjoy the photo!

This picture is #12 in my project of 100 Strangers.
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Camera: Nikon D90
Shutter: 1/1,000th sec
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 105mm
ISO: 640

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